Where To Buy Mackintosh Toffee

add-to-cart-3  Many people are looking for something they will never find (again…).  Sound familiar? Thought so! Sometimes you just have to let a “classic” go – for example, I sold my beloved green 4-door 1955 Chevy for $400 back way back in 1975 to pay my rent. Boy, what a mistake that was! That vehicle was probably recycled into a kitchen appliance by now…but I can’t cry over spilled milk….it’s long gone now.

However, you won’t believe how many people spend all day, or night or possibly forever searching the Internet for the classic slab (or bar) form of Mackintosh Toffee.  Remember Juan Ponce de León from 6th Grade history class?

Searching For Mack Toffee or perhaps just the Fountain of Youth?

He wasted a lot of time looking for the Fountain of Youth.  Yes, he did finally make it all the way to Florida, but it certainly didn’t make him any younger.  On the other hand, YOU can spend a lot of time looking for that classic bar of Mack Toffee – but you might as well help Juan keep looking for that fountain. It’s not around anymore!

Need a Plan “B” ?  Then we suggest you order Nestle Mackintosh Toffee individually wrapped pieces now sold by Nestle Canada. This is a great option…and your only option in 2012: individually wrapped pieces in a 170 gram poly bag. Great outside graphics with a snappy red color scheme, but the payoff awaits you INSIDE the bag. Creamy, delicious Canadian toffee just for you.  Our web site visitor log records the search terms visitors to our site have used in the past year. Consider these examples:

“macintosh toffee”
“macintosh toffee bags to bars”
“macintosh toffee bar”
“macintosh toffee bar grams”
“macintosh toffee bar size in ounces”
“macintosh toffee bars”
“macintosh toffee bars weight”
“macintosh toffee bars weight how much”
“macintosh toffee in Canada”
“mack toffee bar”
“mack toffee pieces equivalent to 1 bar”
“mackintosh toffee bar”
“mackintosh toffee weight”
“mackintosh’s toffee bar”
“mccintosh toffee bar:
“where to buy macintosh toffee”

O.K. – I think we can all agree that many of these folks will never win a Spelling Bee – but it’s easy to see what they really want. Perhaps you have a favorite family recipe you need to re-create. Everybody has their own reason: could be you need to convert from grams to ounces for a Holiday recipe, or just need to buy Canadian toffee for your best girl (or boy) friend.

Mackintosh Toffee is always popular around the Holidays – and I never met a cookie recipe that didn’t benefit from a last minute addition of finely chopped Mackintosh Toffee pieces sprinkled on top for the last 2 minutes in the oven.  We suggest you order a bag (or two, or three, or four…) of Nestle Mackintosh Toffee pieces. They may have new (and smaller…) shape and bright new packaging – but unwrap one today and you will see that Nestle toffee gives you the same flavor, texture and consistency you remember as a kid.
Just what your Dentist ordered: not too hard – not too soft – just right! Unwrap a piece, kick back and enjoy the Classic Canadian toffee flavor made by Nestle Canada.

Bottom Line? You don’t have to be a Canadian to enjoy “mack toffee”.
Hey! If anybody gets a chance to see Juan Ponce de León on your next trip to Florida, you might want to mention to him that he might have more success looking for Mackintosh Toffee from Canada. I am sure it’s much more enjoyable than a poison arrow in the leg!