Mackintosh Toffee Is Now IN the pipeline

Nestle Mackintosh Toffee bars are almost here

Well, I got some Good News and some Better News.  O.K. – let me give you the Good News  first – the return of the Nestle Mackintosh Toffee BAR is not just a rumor.  Yes siree Bob – this classic toffee is now under production.  Unfortunately, the sharp pencil people in the Nestle Marketing Department have actually decided to delayed the scheduled product launch.  Perhaps their regression line did not have the correct slope or perhaps, they just did not want to run out of the Good Stuff the very first day…Now that would be embarrassing!

The Better News is that the revised “retail release” date is somewhere around November 11th – so you just have to wait…a bit more.  No smoke.  No mirrors.  Just Mack Toffee.  But the Jury is still out on the taste, texture and price.  I am sure that the Mack bar will be available both as a “single” item or in a multi-bar package.  I hope that Nestle has done their home work – this product will be under G-R-E-A-T scrutiny by both Boomers and other Old School(ers)…

Save some of your Mack Toffee for the Pilgrims and Indians

So start now and check your fillings, crowns, implants and other sensitive dental work – that DEE-lightful toffee is almost here for the Holidays.  Perhaps you should pick up a few extra Mackintosh Toffee bars and get ready to hand them out to the Pilgrims or the Cleveland Indians, whoever shows up first!

Mackintosh Slappers Rejoice – Mack Toffee Relaunch Is Here…Almost

Attention Mack Toffee fans – your life is about to get more interesting!

Nestle Canada is now shipping to their regional warehouses…so, you can expect your wholesale supply chain to begin to fill up mid-October with the retail pipeline soon to follow after that.  And just in time for Thanksgiving dinner.  I have to assume that Christopher Columbus Day (that would be October 14th for those folks who don’t have any skin in USA game…) would be just a tad too early.  But you never know.  Mr. Columbus may have sailed all the way across the Atlantic – possibly in search of Mackintosh Toffee.  You never know…and Chris ain’t talking…

There really isn’t any way to hold their feet to the fire (that would be the appendages from Nestle Canada) – but those rumors about the mid-October Mack Toffee BAR re-launch is getting more traction from the Ontario wholesalers.

Slapping those Macks might make the 2013 Holiday season just a little bit more fun for those Mack Slappers that like to spend time in the kitchen making those tasty Christmas cookies….or is it those tasty Thanksgiving cookies…or is it those tasty Columbus Day cookies.  Slap Your Mack

Life is Good – but Nestle Mackintosh Toffee bars make it just a little better!