Mack Toffee Hits The Road – In Canada That Is…

Neslte Mack Toffee Box - Contains 4 individual toffee bars

Wow!  I think just scored more than the Buffalo Bills, which is really not that hard to do…but I digress.  This week I purchased my first package (well, actually FIVE for friends and family…) at a Rexall Drug Store in Niagara Falls, ONT.  The Sales Clerk observed that many other happy customers were walking out with a similar classic Tartan plaid package all week.  Kinda’ hard to explain why a candy giant like Nestle Canada would ignore the large Big Box stores with higher sales volumes – but who can argue with the Sharp #2 Pencils boys back in corporate.

Nestle-Mackintosh-Toffee-BarsPricing seems to be a bit aggressive at $7.00 for box of 4 bars – I hope they are not trying to take advantage of all of those Boomers with fading memories.  Remember your first girlfriend?  Probably.  How about your first kiss?  Most definitely.  But do YOU really remember your first Nestle Mack Toffee Bar?  Probably not!  And that is what I mean when I say Nestle is bringing back those “sweet toffee memories” from the past.  I plan of putting aside my box of Mack Toffee bars until T-Day.  What better gift to share at a Holiday dinner table than pieces of dee-licious Nestle toffee that came from a Smacked Mack.  I just hope to remember my toffee bars in my fridge the night before.  Right next to Tom Turkey who may weigh in at 25 pounds or more! T-Day-Turkey

Enjoy the upcoming Holidays – but enjoy your Nestle Mackintosh Toffee bars even more!

Your Nestle Mack Toffee Is Back – Almost…



And yet another customer testimonial from Campbellford, Ontario.   Perhaps the Rexall Stores have jumped ahead of the local Niagara Falls toffee market.  As the Doctor once told me – “”…just take two toffees and call me in the morning…”

My Doctor went to medical school so he probably knows what is good for me.  I am off to The Falls tomorrow morning to investigate further.  The package size [ 4 bars ] seems reasonable and the retail pricing [ somewhere around $7.00 is not too bad either.  Now the Big Question is:  Did Nestle make enough mackintosh toffee bars for the Holidays?  One can only hope!  Let me know of any other sightings in your area.