Another Nestle Big Mackintosh Bag Size Is Back In Town…again






Whoa!  The “Big Brother” of Nestle Mackintosh Toffee pieces has now arrived.  Previously, the “first born” was just a 170 gram poly bag with individually wrapped pieces.  That seemed like a good deal until Big Brother showed up last month.  We can only guess why the new bag size increased by almost 45 percent.  But, If you are a fan of the individual pieces of toffee, then it’s a good deal.  More toffee pieces is always a good thing.  However, Nestle Canada really doesn’t want to give you any choice in the matter.  The Whiz Kids in their Marketing Department also made a few “graphic tweaks” to the outside of the bag so the classic Tartan style will still be popular during the Christmas Holiday season.  However, the bigger bag might require YOU to buy a larger Christmas stocking to be hung with care in anticipation of the Fat Guy in the red suit.

So, if you have a few extra minutes while strolling down the candy aisle – take a look and see if your favorite store is now stocking Mackintosh’s Big Brother – 246 grams of Nestle Mack Toffee goodness.  Pick up a few bags and pass them around.  The chances of running out of toffee is now 45 percent lower!  We have no idea how long the smaller 170 gram bag will be available – so take this opportunity to stock up now.