Mackintosh Toffee Bars Are Everywhere – But Not For Shirley

Yes – we still get emails about where to buy Mackintosh Toffee Bars.  Here is a recent email sent to us by Shirley A. on May 29, 2014 who was traveling near Sault Saint Marie, Ontario and was frustrated by the lack of Mack Toffee Bars in that “neck of the woods”…Read on…

“…On a recent trip to Ontario, (I’m from B.C.) I was driving from North Bay to Sault St. Marie, with my sister and stopped at a convenience store in a small town along the way and discovered the Mackintosh Bar – OMG, we bought 6 of them and ate them all, the taste is just like the good old days, when we were kids and would buy them and they would last all threw (sic) the movie, at our age 70 & 73 the only thing we worried about was losing are teeth….Why haven’t I found them in B.C. yet?…”

Looking For Mackintosh Toffee Bars?
Is Shirley Still Looking For Mackintosh Toffee Bars

Our answer?  We still can’t understand why a major “player” in the candy and chocolate business like Nestle Canada has such a hard time getting their product out to regional and local grocery and confectionary distributors so that EVERY convenience store in Canada can have Mackintosh Toffee Bars out for sale near the cash register.  Toffee bars are my preferred “impulse purchase” for less than $2.00 or so…Bottom Line?  Don’t give up easily.  Those “classic” toffee bars are worth the wait.

So what was the most obscure place that you have purchased your Mack Toffee bars in Canada?  Drop us a line and let us know.  Shirley needs your help!