Nestle Mackintosh Toffee Bar – Back By Popular Demand

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The Nestle Mackintosh Toffee Bar is back.  Not just for the Holidays – but back in a 365 and 24/7 kind of way.   It just won’t go away.  Nestle Canada’s Mackintosh disappeared a number of years ago – Some believe in that Urban Legend based on the rumor of the “toffee factory” that burned down.  Now THAT I don’t believe.  The Mack Toffee bar was really a license to make money.  Just make it and they will come.  Much better than Field of Dreams with Kevin Costner.  Plus you don’t have to drive to Iowa then walk around in a corn field to get the feel for how enthusiastic people get when they have a chance to put their hands on a “classic” Nestle Toffee bar.  Just unwrap that classic Tartan Plaid wrapper and voila – a DEE-licious brown toffee bar awaits YOU.  Mack-4-Pack-1

You might want to pace yourself since the last time you enjoyed a Mackintosh Toffee bar.  Perhaps your jaw muscles are not yet in shape to tackle a Nestle toffee bar, or perhaps the money spent over the years on all of your dental fillings, crowns, caps and implants might be too much to risk.  Me?  I can’t resist a Mack bar.  Some people like to “slap a Mack bar” – but all you do is just make a bunch of smaller pieces that lets you fit more into your mouth at the same time.  Now that sounds like trouble to me…

I know that the Old School approach might be to just pop a single piece into your mouth and wait…and wait….and wait.  That Go-Slow approach just does not work for me.  O.K. – call it instant gratification.  Call it weakness.  Or call it a personality disorder.  As Doctor Seymour once told me – when you “see more” of the Mack bars, just sit back and enjoy it.  Life is short, so eat your Mackintosh Toffee bar.

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80 thoughts on “Nestle Mackintosh Toffee Bar – Back By Popular Demand”

  1. Are they exactly the same as the old bar? I was really disappointed with the little pieces and don’t want to get my hopes up again for the return of the bar. 🙁

    1. Rebecca:

      The general consensus is that the “new” Nestle Mackintosh Toffee Bars are a B-I-G improvement over the individually wrapped pieces. However, many customers prefer to “cook” with the single pieces while the toffee bars make great Stocking Stuffers for the Holidays. YOU make the call!!

      1. Can your toffee go bad? This one says April 2017 and it is now almost July the store sold this to us and I didn’t know till I got back to the house and looked that it was expired that’s why it was priced down.

      1. Well, we really don’t know about the Nestle Mackintosh modern production process at all. For example, I have picked up a few single bars and you can definitely “feel” the difference between each bar. Minor shape variations and some bumps & bubble on the surface under the wrapper. There has to be some “heat” process that melts, flows and shapes the toffee material. Take it for what it’s worth – better to have a few bumps in the toffee bar than NO toffee bars at all…That’s where I am coming from…

      2. I agree!! They do not taste the same. The consistency is different as well. I guess time moves on. 🙁

        1. Well, your are definitely right about “time moves on”…The last time I had any “classic” toffee bars from Nestle – my car did not have any air bags! However, my car is now safer to drive which is a good thing – but the new Mack Toffee is back, which is a BETTER thing. Time to jump in my new(er) car, buckle up then drive on down to my local convenience store to buy some more Mack. Change is good!

          1. Nestle may have bought the brand, but the deal did not include the original recipe, which is why it doesn’t taste exactly as it used to.

          2. It may not be a “perfect” replacement – and I didn’t have any air bags installed in my 1955 Chevy…and I survived the 1960s – so I enjoy the Nestle Canada Mack Toffee Bar just as much as I did when I was just a kid!

        2. Nestles, of course, had to make it cheaper. It is the American way. Why make it right, use less expensive ingredients and sell it higher for greater profits.

  2. I texted a picture of the bar to my dad, who lives across the province, as I could not believe my eyes while I was walking in my grocery store. I went back the next day and bought 3 more boxes. So excited to see this is not just for Christmas. 🙂

  3. im very pleased that Mack is Back! my Christmas deserts will once reign supreme,thank you so very much!!don’t ever do that again!!lol

    1. Keep up the tradition of Christmas toffee cookies! I would believe that based on the initial market reaction of most customers – that the Mack Bar will be back for a very long time…Which is a good thing!

  4. I found one box at Pharmaprix on Thursday. Well we all all 4 of them and can’t find it at any other store. Where would be best to look for it? I am SO HAPPY to have these back.

    1. The “new” Nestle mackintosh Toffee bars are now appearing almost everywhere. Most convenience stores have them in both the Holiday 4-bar package which would look very nice under any Christmas tree (including mine..) and the retailers are now putting the individual bars on the candy shelves next to the Check Out areas. Nothing like an impulse purchase of Mack Toffee bars to make a hard day of shopping even nicer….

  5. Can you tell me how much the “old” individual bars weighed? I am making a very old recipe that called for 4 bars of toffee and all I could find were the individual pieces in bags. Can’t figure out how much of them I need to use….

    1. MaryLou: 56 grams bars were what we all remember from years past! Today, it is back, but in a 45 gram individually wrapped package. Better to have 100 percent of 45 grams than 0 percent of nothing…

    1. Liza: The Old School Mack Toffee bar was 56 grams in its own individual tartan plaid cardboard box – Not 110 grams…which a lot! And your reference to that Urban Legend about the “factory burning” may also be a fictional effort by the Tall Foreheads in the Nestle Marketing Department. Personally, when I make excuses for not having something somebody wants…I just blame my dog. It always worked when my homework went missing on a Monday morning…

  6. Well, this just made my christmas. Sad? Perhaps, but I don’t much care. I absolutely loved the old bars, especially how you could just suck/chew on a corner for a few minutes to get it softened up and stretchy, then keep stretching it out gradually longer so you could savour it for half an hour or so.

    After I found out they’d been discontinued it was more than a little frustrating; the little pieces are too easy to just pop in your mouth and finish them off far too quickly. As such, I’d scoured the internet for old boxes to see if I could find anyone who still had a crate they could ship… but alas, to no avail.

    I wandered into the convenience store a few minutes ago, and… managed to get outside relatively with good composure before prancing home =P

    I know it’s just a bar of toffee, but still, it’s worth a lot to me. Like 5 bars worth which I made off with. I mostly just stopped by the site to check if it was going to be around after christmas, and I’m more than glad to hear it’ll be lasting for a long time still ^.^

    So yeah, thanks! Sure it’s just a product with intent for sale, but some things are simply worth more than the cost =3

    1. Based on the positive response we have seen (and heard…) so far – the new mack Toffee Bar “bad boy” is DEFINITELY going to be a long time survivor. I don’t think anyone is going to vote Mr. Mack off the island our out of their tribe. Better yet – form your own “toffee tribe” !!! FYI – just noticed that Nestle Canada has redesigned their Mack Toffee pieces bag from 170 grams to a large(r) 246 gram poly bag. That’s a whopping 45 percent increase in size. A product review to confirm that the “new” poly bag size is a larger version – or IF the new bag might have a new and improved toffee pieces recipe only time will tell. Pics and post to follow next week after the bubbly event on January 1st…2014 is shaping up to be a heck of a toffee year for Mack…

  7. Any one have the Recipe for rice crispy type squares using mackintoshs toffee
    had it when i was a kid but can’t find out anything about it

    1. Recipe For Toffee Mars Bar Rice Krispie ‘cake’
      In a large pot-
      4 Mars bars chopped. I like the dark chocolate ones.
      4 Mac toffee bars – 56g each or equivalent amount of toffee
      1 cup margarine or butter

      Stir until just melted. Don’t boil!
      Stir/fold in 5 cups Rice Krispies
      Press into a buttered 8X11 cake pan

      PS: Some people put icing on it.

  8. I live in Florida now but my wonderful sister-in-law sent me a 4-pack in the mail as a surprise! I am absolutely thrilled that they’re back on the shelves again. I, too, was disappointed with the individual pieces. I found myself shaking my head in agreement as I read all the comments. I seem to be a bit behind though……what recipes?! Where do I find them?!!

    1. Those “Old School” recipes can be found using a Google search – there is also a Recipe category on this site. I have not checked it lately – perhaps more Holiday bakers will be along to respond with more information!

  9. I grew up in Niagara Falls, NY. I took ice skating lessons across the bridge for many years and my family has a cabin in Muskoka. So I was raised on Mackintosh’s Toffee, smacking it on the concrete floor after skating or on The Rock in Dotty Lake after swimming and sunbathing. What fond memories. I live in Southern California now and my passport has expired. How can I get some?

  10. OMG! Thank you! I spent my first 10 years in Winnipeg with grandparents sending Mack care packages after we moved to California. When I had children and went home to visit I always brought back Mack’s for them. In fact it was “hi mom, where’s the Mack “. So u can imagine my heart pain to hear the factory burned down story after searching everywhere for them. Thank you thank you. Please don’t “burn” it down again!

  11. I bought a macintosh bar today for the first time in years, I was so excited to open it. But when I did I noticed the colour was darker than the normal light creamy colour and the taste was not the same. It no longer has that nice creamy carmal flavor, I was quit disappointed. It use to be one of my favorite candy bar treats. Why did you change the flavor????

    1. Most consumers of the “new” Mackintosh Toffee bar consider it to be a B-I-G improvement over the individually wrapped pieces. Yes, there are variations between the Mack Toffee Bar of today versus the Mackintosh Toffee Bars of many years ago. Has the recipe changed? Most likely. Has the modern style wrapper changed? Most definitely! At least today’s customers have a choice – the larger single bar versus the bags of individual pieces. Better to have some choice than none at all. Give them a little more time. I would not be surprised to see (and taste…) a few tweaks to their current “recipe”. Perhaps call that 800 number on the wrapper and let them know what your comments are. That may be the only way to get the sharp pencil boys in their Marketing Department to pay attention. There is definitely strength in numbers…and speaking of numbers – I think I will open a few of my Nestle Mackintosh Toffee bars and kick back and watch the snow blow across my driveway!

    1. I thought I was the only one who remembered Wig Wag Bars. You can get a version of the Wig Wag bar here in Nova Scotia at Pete’s Fruitique (sells imported English chocolate) or at a candy store called “The Freak Lunch Box”. They are by Cadbury and called Curlywurly’s. Not sure where you live, but they are around and delicious! Almost as I remember them.

  12. So glad the Mack is back! Way better than the little pieces. They are not good at all, but the Mack? Why that is heaven is a pack. I grew up on these and so glad to see them again. Thank you.

  13. I’m so happy these are back. I’ve been scouring for a replacement ever since they “disappeared”. I tried the little pieces once and spat it back out. Nothing like the bar. Ever since, I have been trying to find a replacement in imported English toffee but nothing ever lived up to my Mack’s. Yes there may be a small difference in how they taste compared to the bars before they disappeared, but they are still better than anything else I have been able to find. Mack’s was the one treat growing up that my brother did not like, so I was able to enjoy it all on my own. Nothing beats putting a Mack bar in the fridge and then giving it a good whack to get a piece or warming it up in your hands (or sitting on an unopened package) to get it nice and gooey so you could eat the whole bar in one sitting. So happy they are back for good.

    1. Yes – these mackintosh Toffee bars are still flying out the door – I guess many of the Old School toffee bars fans are still “discovering” that their Mack Is Back. JUst be careful about those dental crowns and fillings.

  14. Thank-you. I have been looking for Mack toffe bars for a few years. Sooo glad they’re back. A Mack a whack and a smile! Thanks!

    1. Glad to hear that you found this tasty toffee product in your part of the world. Many USA customers are still struggling with local sources down this-a-way. We expect product availability to improve over time.

  15. I did a commercial for them when I was 13 or 14 (1974??) I never saw it! “when other candies are all gone… Creamy toffee still goes on strong… Creamy toffee… Macintosh toffee!”

    1. WOW!
      Now THAT is a nice “Mack” memory.
      Did you make any money from any residuals or royalty payments?
      If yes, then I would put it towards your next box of Mack Bars!

    2. I did a Macintosh Toffee commercial too – in Toronto. “Give the pack a whack Jack!” I played “Sue” 🙂 I’d love to get my hands on a copy of the footage. Has anyone seen a copy floating around?

      Great toffee by the way!!

  16. Was shopping at my local Giant Tiger and was extremely delighted to find Mackintosh’s toffee. Picked up 1, went hmmmm, and picked up 3 more. Thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing it back. I slammed it on the counter before opening without even thinking about it , lol. Oh my this tastes like childhood…

    1. Well, it may have been Thomas Wolfe who said: “…you can never go home again…” – but when it comes to our Mackintosh Toffee bars – whenever I open one up and taste the “classic” creamy toffee, I am transported back in time. Always an enjoyable experience!

  17. Hallelujah. It’s back, and tastes very, very much like the original. As a young child in the 60′s, we would go to the Saturday afternoon movies. My older cousin would give me 50¢ to spend. 25¢ for the movie, 15¢ for a box of popcorn, and 10¢ for that flat tartan box of Mackintosh Toffee. A perfect match to the the salty popcorn. Sometimes we would smack the box on the arm rests and chew on the pieces, but my favourite thing to do was to just pull out part of the toffee from the wax paper wrapper and suck on it. It would warm up and get stretchy. It would last the entire movie.

    Years later, I completely forgot about about Mackintosh Toffee until I saw it in bags. Small single wrapped pieces. Not the same at all. I wrote off ever having the Original…until now. I must say, it costs much more than a dime, but it brings me back to the times of my youth.

    1. I realize that nobody can make a telephone call for ten cents anymore – but when it comes to favorite candy “memories” – that Nestle Mackintosh Toffee bar is at the top of my list of memories. Yes, favorite chocolates and candy brands will always be a very “personal” thing. But there are thousands (or millions, but who really knows the right number…) of Mack Toffee fans that are once again happy to Slap Their Mack! I wonder if my Funeral Director will let me be buried with a 12 pack of Mack Toffee bars – hey, it worked for the Pharaohs…

  18. They are exactly the same delicious taffy I enjoyed years ago with my dad. Was thrilled to see it back once again

  19. I’m VERY glad the Mack bars are back! They are thinner and smaller than the originals but are the exact same thing as I grew up with. The same good flavor and they crack on the edge of the kitchen table the same. My friends from Winnipeg brought me a dozen or so of them down to North Dakota for me today as a surprise. I’ve been wanting these for years! The Swiss made bite sized versions are horrible. They can stop making those!

  20. Picked up some Mack at Sobey’s in Toronto College Park. As soon as I saw them I had to buy a few. I just about forgot all about these. They should find the old commercials and post them up on YouTube so we can all feel nostalgic 🙂

    1. Pace yourself! Your toffee and YouTube videos might be followed by a trip to your Dentist. I still enjoy the Mack Toffee – but chew very carefully based on a greater number of crowns and dental caps versus what I had 20+ years ago…But those Nestle Mackintosh Toffee bars were definitely worth the wait!

  21. Don’t know (or understand) why it was necessary to change the original recipe; but, it’s great that some form of the toffee bar has made a return, although frankly it would have been better to bring back the tartan cardboard box and wax paper inner liner at one and the same time, as smacking the new package and peeling back the one piece wrapper just doesn’t do it for us old-time hard line Mac aficionados.

    I remember touring the Mac factory on Sterling Road (Lansdowne Road and Dundas Street West area of Toronto, right around the corner from the then Knob Hill Farms west-end location) and watching the long trays of molten toffee being taken, by hand, out of the firing kiln to cool. To this day, some forty years later, I can still smell the aroma of that liquid toffee. It continues to rank right up there with my first big “O” experience and I couldn’t rightly say which has had the greater and more lasting experience in the memories of this tired sixty something old queen.

    Toronto, Canada

    1. Nothing will ever replace the cardboard box and wax paper wrapping. That brings back some wonderful memories.

  22. Wondering if you still sell Wigwam? That was my favorite as a child would love to get my hands on some!!

  23. Thank you for bringing the Macintosh Bar (Mac Slap) back!! The bites were not the same as the bar, when we found out about the bar being back at a candy store in Banff I ordered two cases so I could send the candy to my family in the states to let them know that it was back!!
    The Macintosh bar has been a special part of my family traditions and brings great memories back of times with my parents and siblings.

  24. Remember these as a favourite treat growing up in Hamilton Ontario. After skating, on outdoor rinks in freezing weather, we would sit with a cup of hot chocolate a Mack bar ( dipping it in our hot choc) and if we had enough money, a package of sponge toffee. Fast forward 40 years and I began visiting England for 3 or 4 weeks each year prior to Christmas ( to buy all the goodies the High Street offered ). One treat I indulged in was the small metal tray containing 2 Mack bars and a tiny metal hammer to break the toffee. YUM.

  25. The “new” tartan-emblazoned foil outer-wrapper/inner-liner MacIntosh Toffee-bar is about as close as we’re ever going to get to regarding the “original” tartan-printed outer-box/wax-paper inner-liner clad bar last seen in 1988. Thanks be to whoever the powers that be that we have it at all. The bagged caramels just didn’t cut it!

    It was quickly discovered early 1988, when Nestlé purchased Rowntree/MacIntosh and decided to modernize the Sterling Road factory that for nearly 75-years had manufactured the World’s supply of MacIntosh Toffee-bars, and a coterie of other World-famous confections.

    The problem with the toffee-bar, and not the others, was that it was almost entirely hand-manufactured driven based upon commercial sized cookie sheets and ovens. Nestlé wanted to digitize production at this factory and there was no foreseeable process that would allow the continuation of the toffee-bar; therefore it had to go.

    Well, however they have managed it, and people have noticed the variable nature of the structure of the bars … wobbles, bubbles and other surface imperfections, the toffee-bar is more or less back, and we should thank our lucky stars that the good people (or at least one of them) beleaguered as they may have been for the past 25-years by an unforgiving MacIntosh Toffee-bar consumer World-wide, has decided to take pity on our taste-buds and again being manufacturing our greatest heart’s desire.

    I had all but given up hope that I would ever again get to chow-down on one more MacIntosh Toffee-bar before I died. I can now slip into the blessed good night a happy man.

  26. here’s your ratio break down for toffee bars and pieces for baking quantities.
    7 pieces of the individually wrapped candies = 1 old weight bar(56grm)
    new bar = 45grm = 5 pieces of the individually wrapped.
    this is important info for bakers trying to convert amounts over for the older toffee bar recipes, using the new bar weights and the individually wrapped candies.

  27. I moved and was away from Ontario for a really long time. While raising my family, I dreamed about Makintosh Toffee a lot. I was thrilled to see that the single wrapped treasures were still around when I moved back. I had high hopes that the Mackintosh bar would reappear. I am a little bit saddened that it isn’t packaged the way it was, and that the colour of the toffee is darker. I am so happy that the tradition will continue, and maybe with a little luck and a prayer, Nestle will revert back to the old faithful recipe and packaging.

  28. The reason I am on this site is that yesterday I made a french pie recipe: Tarte Tatin, a turned over apple pie with lot of butter, sugar and some cinamon; there was a left over “residue” in the pie plate…pure toffee! I let it cool; as I tasted it, I rediscovered the memories of Mackintosh Toffee, the taste and the texture were the same; I ate every piece and crumb; it was delicious to die for!

    I decided to check the internet to see if Mackintosh toffee was available somewhere; and, here I am.

    Here is my past Mackintosh Toffee experience: I loved Macintosh Toffee bars when I was a teenager. The way I ate my bar is like this: I put the bar in the fridge to make it very hard. When I wanted to eat it, I took the boxed bar out and threw it on the floor very hard so it would break in many pieces; I would unwrap the whole thing and enjoy every piece and crumb!

    I am looking forward to find the bar and try it; but it better be the same as it was then; If it is not up to par, I will probably have to make my own until I get the very same taste and texture it used to be.

    With that pie recipe “residue”, I think I could be on the right track!

  29. I had Milk Duds other day and the Carmel tasted like the old Mackintosh. Fabulous. So I chose to find the old toffee. I found Mackintosh toffee in bite size wrappers, I’m sorry to say it was horrid. Not chewy or prolonged melting in mouth but tasted like stale old candy. Was so sad. Texture was crumbly. I opt for milk duds. Would so love for the old bar back.

  30. Nice to know the toffee bar is back; got a coupon for $1.00 off if you bought a bag of apples – that came with recipes including the toffee apple – which I don’t see on the website (disappointing those recipes aren’t posted).
    Haven’t checked out the bar yet (trying to find toffee apple recipe first) but I am disappointed they aren’t in the ‘box’. When I was a kid, we only ever got them from the theater – these were the days when the family (or at least the kids in the family) could afford to go to the theater almost every week. The toffee would last throughout the movie and later at home AND MOST IMPORTANTLY one could use the box to make a ‘screacher comb music effect. Disappointed the toffee doesn’t come in a box – would like to teach my granddaughter how to make tunes from a toffee box.

  31. Bonjour,
    Est-ce que la nouvelle barre McIntosh est sans gluten?

    Good day
    Is Mackintosh Toffee Bar gluten free?

  32. It’s not the same taste at all. It’s much sweeter and less of a toffee taste. Yes, it is hard to start and softens like the original did. But it’s a disappointment. Since they’ve brought it back I sure hope they try to bring the original recipe back. It was the best candy ever…

  33. Hi; Could you let me know this answer today as it is Halloween and I need to know so I can continue. Can you make Candy Apples from MacIntosh Candy? I couldn’t find caramels and bought your toffee instead.

    1. I would not recommend the mack Toffee as a substitute for the softer caramel coating for a candied apple treat. The “working temperature” for the toffee as it heats up will not likely give you what a warm caramel mixture could do as you try and coat your apples. Can’t beleive that you could not find any caramels this time of year. Best of luck with the ghosts and goblins!

  34. I was JUST up in Vancouver this past weekend!

    Ever since ‘the factory burned down’, I have sworn off Mackintosh toffee.

    So on my day trip from Seattle, I didn’t even BOTHER to look for the bars!

    When I was a kid in Minnesota, we would head up to Thunder Bay on occasion. My American dollar got me $1.25 Canadian, and the 56g bars we’re a quarter. So I could get FIVE bars for a dollar…

    I guess I’m heading up to Vancouver next Saturday!

    (How much is too much to take back across the border?)

  35. My wife bought me a Christmas tin of the smaller pieces and boy did it bring back some good memories. Then I find the bars have returned as well… This is not good news (my dentist will hate me ; ) The last time I had a Mack bar (30 some years ago) I broke a molar, pulled a crown, and a mercury filling all in one shot. Be warned folks, these are the good old hard sticky bars you remember.

    Having made due with imported Walker’s toffee for the last 30 years, the taste is a little more subtle that I’m used to but it’s still quite good and I’ll definitely be back for more!

  36. I am from Michigan. I always vacationed in Southampton. I have fond memories of the road trip home sharing a Mackintosh bar with the whole car. Mom would wack it against the dash board to break it up. I was just in Southampton this weekend and found the Mack bars. It has been so long since I had one that I can’t remember how they used to taste. I bought a couple of bars and am not disappointed. They may have changed the recipe but it still reminds me of my childhood.

  37. I just bought one and I’m disappointed. It’s way harder than the original; it’s no longer “not too hard, not to soft”. It’s straight up too hard. Also, I was a little put off my the packaging. We’re in a climate crisis and a wax paper inner and a paper box outer are both recyclable where I live, but this plasticy packaging isn’t. The packaging is definitely a step back.

  38. I am wondering if the recipe has changed or peoples taste buds have. Last time I had a bar I was likely around 30 which was 35 years ago. I even like olives now. Never did like the ‘little pieces’ they replaced the bar with.

  39. Happy to have mackintosh toffee back. Now if we could also have a mackintosh wig wag bar. I miss those so much.

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