Mackintosh Toffee Bars Are Everywhere – But Not For Shirley

Yes – we still get emails about where to buy Mackintosh Toffee Bars.  Here is a recent email sent to us by Shirley A. on May 29, 2014 who was traveling near Sault Saint Marie, Ontario and was frustrated by the lack of Mack Toffee Bars in that “neck of the woods”…Read on…

“…On a recent trip to Ontario, (I’m from B.C.) I was driving from North Bay to Sault St. Marie, with my sister and stopped at a convenience store in a small town along the way and discovered the Mackintosh Bar – OMG, we bought 6 of them and ate them all, the taste is just like the good old days, when we were kids and would buy them and they would last all threw (sic) the movie, at our age 70 & 73 the only thing we worried about was losing are teeth….Why haven’t I found them in B.C. yet?…”

Looking For Mackintosh Toffee Bars?
Is Shirley Still Looking For Mackintosh Toffee Bars

Our answer?  We still can’t understand why a major “player” in the candy and chocolate business like Nestle Canada has such a hard time getting their product out to regional and local grocery and confectionary distributors so that EVERY convenience store in Canada can have Mackintosh Toffee Bars out for sale near the cash register.  Toffee bars are my preferred “impulse purchase” for less than $2.00 or so…Bottom Line?  Don’t give up easily.  Those “classic” toffee bars are worth the wait.

So what was the most obscure place that you have purchased your Mack Toffee bars in Canada?  Drop us a line and let us know.  Shirley needs your help!

Another Nestle Big Mackintosh Bag Size Is Back In Town…again






Whoa!  The “Big Brother” of Nestle Mackintosh Toffee pieces has now arrived.  Previously, the “first born” was just a 170 gram poly bag with individually wrapped pieces.  That seemed like a good deal until Big Brother showed up last month.  We can only guess why the new bag size increased by almost 45 percent.  But, If you are a fan of the individual pieces of toffee, then it’s a good deal.  More toffee pieces is always a good thing.  However, Nestle Canada really doesn’t want to give you any choice in the matter.  The Whiz Kids in their Marketing Department also made a few “graphic tweaks” to the outside of the bag so the classic Tartan style will still be popular during the Christmas Holiday season.  However, the bigger bag might require YOU to buy a larger Christmas stocking to be hung with care in anticipation of the Fat Guy in the red suit.

So, if you have a few extra minutes while strolling down the candy aisle – take a look and see if your favorite store is now stocking Mackintosh’s Big Brother – 246 grams of Nestle Mack Toffee goodness.  Pick up a few bags and pass them around.  The chances of running out of toffee is now 45 percent lower!  We have no idea how long the smaller 170 gram bag will be available – so take this opportunity to stock up now.

Mack Toffee Hits The Road – In Canada That Is…

Neslte Mack Toffee Box - Contains 4 individual toffee bars

Wow!  I think just scored more than the Buffalo Bills, which is really not that hard to do…but I digress.  This week I purchased my first package (well, actually FIVE for friends and family…) at a Rexall Drug Store in Niagara Falls, ONT.  The Sales Clerk observed that many other happy customers were walking out with a similar classic Tartan plaid package all week.  Kinda’ hard to explain why a candy giant like Nestle Canada would ignore the large Big Box stores with higher sales volumes – but who can argue with the Sharp #2 Pencils boys back in corporate.

Nestle-Mackintosh-Toffee-BarsPricing seems to be a bit aggressive at $7.00 for box of 4 bars – I hope they are not trying to take advantage of all of those Boomers with fading memories.  Remember your first girlfriend?  Probably.  How about your first kiss?  Most definitely.  But do YOU really remember your first Nestle Mack Toffee Bar?  Probably not!  And that is what I mean when I say Nestle is bringing back those “sweet toffee memories” from the past.  I plan of putting aside my box of Mack Toffee bars until T-Day.  What better gift to share at a Holiday dinner table than pieces of dee-licious Nestle toffee that came from a Smacked Mack.  I just hope to remember my toffee bars in my fridge the night before.  Right next to Tom Turkey who may weigh in at 25 pounds or more! T-Day-Turkey

Enjoy the upcoming Holidays – but enjoy your Nestle Mackintosh Toffee bars even more!

Your Nestle Mack Toffee Is Back – Almost…



And yet another customer testimonial from Campbellford, Ontario.   Perhaps the Rexall Stores have jumped ahead of the local Niagara Falls toffee market.  As the Doctor once told me – “”…just take two toffees and call me in the morning…”

My Doctor went to medical school so he probably knows what is good for me.  I am off to The Falls tomorrow morning to investigate further.  The package size [ 4 bars ] seems reasonable and the retail pricing [ somewhere around $7.00 is not too bad either.  Now the Big Question is:  Did Nestle make enough mackintosh toffee bars for the Holidays?  One can only hope!  Let me know of any other sightings in your area.

Mackintosh Toffee Is Now IN the pipeline

Nestle Mackintosh Toffee bars are almost here

Well, I got some Good News and some Better News.  O.K. – let me give you the Good News  first – the return of the Nestle Mackintosh Toffee BAR is not just a rumor.  Yes siree Bob – this classic toffee is now under production.  Unfortunately, the sharp pencil people in the Nestle Marketing Department have actually decided to delayed the scheduled product launch.  Perhaps their regression line did not have the correct slope or perhaps, they just did not want to run out of the Good Stuff the very first day…Now that would be embarrassing!

The Better News is that the revised “retail release” date is somewhere around November 11th – so you just have to wait…a bit more.  No smoke.  No mirrors.  Just Mack Toffee.  But the Jury is still out on the taste, texture and price.  I am sure that the Mack bar will be available both as a “single” item or in a multi-bar package.  I hope that Nestle has done their home work – this product will be under G-R-E-A-T scrutiny by both Boomers and other Old School(ers)…

Save some of your Mack Toffee for the Pilgrims and Indians

So start now and check your fillings, crowns, implants and other sensitive dental work – that DEE-lightful toffee is almost here for the Holidays.  Perhaps you should pick up a few extra Mackintosh Toffee bars and get ready to hand them out to the Pilgrims or the Cleveland Indians, whoever shows up first!

Mackintosh Slappers Rejoice – Mack Toffee Relaunch Is Here…Almost

Attention Mack Toffee fans – your life is about to get more interesting!

Nestle Canada is now shipping to their regional warehouses…so, you can expect your wholesale supply chain to begin to fill up mid-October with the retail pipeline soon to follow after that.  And just in time for Thanksgiving dinner.  I have to assume that Christopher Columbus Day (that would be October 14th for those folks who don’t have any skin in USA game…) would be just a tad too early.  But you never know.  Mr. Columbus may have sailed all the way across the Atlantic – possibly in search of Mackintosh Toffee.  You never know…and Chris ain’t talking…

There really isn’t any way to hold their feet to the fire (that would be the appendages from Nestle Canada) – but those rumors about the mid-October Mack Toffee BAR re-launch is getting more traction from the Ontario wholesalers.

Slapping those Macks might make the 2013 Holiday season just a little bit more fun for those Mack Slappers that like to spend time in the kitchen making those tasty Christmas cookies….or is it those tasty Thanksgiving cookies…or is it those tasty Columbus Day cookies.  Slap Your Mack

Life is Good – but Nestle Mackintosh Toffee bars make it just a little better!

Mackintosh Toffee = Hard Crack – Not Real Crack!

O.K. – let’s toss a few factoids onto the kitchen table.  Yes, most candy has a lot of sugar in it.  However, the texture of the finished product will be affected by the actual sugar concentration.  Just heating a water and fine sugar mixture – and as the water evaporates, the remaining sugar concentration increases.  I have just vague memories from my Chemistry 101 class way back in 1968 (most likely because it was an 8:00 AM lecture and it was hard to stay awake, but that’s another story for another time…) – the main idea to take away is that the boiling point of any sugar solution rises as the concentration of the solution rises.

Therefore, at a specific temperature range, the concentration of the sugar mixture changes (generally increases).  Bottom Line?  High temperatures equals greater sugar concentrations.  And this situation leads to hard, brittle candies versus lower temperatures that produce softer candies.  Take a gander at the table below – from what I see, Toffee is created by higher temperatures versus caramel which is created by lower temperatures.

You can’t argue that the Nestle Mackintosh Toffee pieces in the 170 gram bag are marked as “toffee”.  If you want to toss the “caramel” noun around just to confuse the issue – then go to it.  I will always be a BIG fan of the Mack Toffee no matter what the actual shape they sell it.  My recommendation is try the individually wrapped pieces.  You can’t buy the bar or slab style any longer.  However, you will always have your memories.  Me?  I would rather have the toffee pieces.  100 percent of something in my pocket is a whole lot better than just some old memories.  Remember: You can’t eat your memories – but you sure can eat (and bake…and enjoy…) Nestle Mackintosh Toffee pieces!




(example: syrup)

to 112 °C (230 to 234 °F)


ball (example: fudge)

to 116 °C (234 to 241 °F)


ball (example: caramel candy)

to 120 °C (244 to 248 °F)


ball (example: nougat)

to 130 °C (250 to 266 °F)


crack (example: salt water taffy)

to 143 °C (270 to 289 °F)


crack (example: toffee)

to 154 °C (295 to 309 °F)



Toffee Is Delightful at Night

Where To Buy Mackintosh Toffee

add-to-cart-3  Many people are looking for something they will never find (again…).  Sound familiar? Thought so! Sometimes you just have to let a “classic” go – for example, I sold my beloved green 4-door 1955 Chevy for $400 back way back in 1975 to pay my rent. Boy, what a mistake that was! That vehicle was probably recycled into a kitchen appliance by now…but I can’t cry over spilled milk….it’s long gone now.

However, you won’t believe how many people spend all day, or night or possibly forever searching the Internet for the classic slab (or bar) form of Mackintosh Toffee.  Remember Juan Ponce de León from 6th Grade history class?

Searching For Mack Toffee or perhaps just the Fountain of Youth?

He wasted a lot of time looking for the Fountain of Youth.  Yes, he did finally make it all the way to Florida, but it certainly didn’t make him any younger.  On the other hand, YOU can spend a lot of time looking for that classic bar of Mack Toffee – but you might as well help Juan keep looking for that fountain. It’s not around anymore!

Need a Plan “B” ?  Then we suggest you order Nestle Mackintosh Toffee individually wrapped pieces now sold by Nestle Canada. This is a great option…and your only option in 2012: individually wrapped pieces in a 170 gram poly bag. Great outside graphics with a snappy red color scheme, but the payoff awaits you INSIDE the bag. Creamy, delicious Canadian toffee just for you.  Our web site visitor log records the search terms visitors to our site have used in the past year. Consider these examples:

“macintosh toffee”
“macintosh toffee bags to bars”
“macintosh toffee bar”
“macintosh toffee bar grams”
“macintosh toffee bar size in ounces”
“macintosh toffee bars”
“macintosh toffee bars weight”
“macintosh toffee bars weight how much”
“macintosh toffee in Canada”
“mack toffee bar”
“mack toffee pieces equivalent to 1 bar”
“mackintosh toffee bar”
“mackintosh toffee weight”
“mackintosh’s toffee bar”
“mccintosh toffee bar:
“where to buy macintosh toffee”

O.K. – I think we can all agree that many of these folks will never win a Spelling Bee – but it’s easy to see what they really want. Perhaps you have a favorite family recipe you need to re-create. Everybody has their own reason: could be you need to convert from grams to ounces for a Holiday recipe, or just need to buy Canadian toffee for your best girl (or boy) friend.

Mackintosh Toffee is always popular around the Holidays – and I never met a cookie recipe that didn’t benefit from a last minute addition of finely chopped Mackintosh Toffee pieces sprinkled on top for the last 2 minutes in the oven.  We suggest you order a bag (or two, or three, or four…) of Nestle Mackintosh Toffee pieces. They may have new (and smaller…) shape and bright new packaging – but unwrap one today and you will see that Nestle toffee gives you the same flavor, texture and consistency you remember as a kid.
Just what your Dentist ordered: not too hard – not too soft – just right! Unwrap a piece, kick back and enjoy the Classic Canadian toffee flavor made by Nestle Canada.

Bottom Line? You don’t have to be a Canadian to enjoy “mack toffee”.
Hey! If anybody gets a chance to see Juan Ponce de León on your next trip to Florida, you might want to mention to him that he might have more success looking for Mackintosh Toffee from Canada. I am sure it’s much more enjoyable than a poison arrow in the leg!

Mack Toffee Bars What Has Been Lost Is Found Again

Canada may be our Neighbor to the North – but it is also the Land Of Nestle Mackintosh Toffee.  Nestle Canada makes the best Canadian toffee!  No doubt about it.  Just a short ride across any of the three international bridges that connect Ontario,Canada to Western New York State.  The Bad News:  it will cost you a few bucks to cross – actually the current toll is now $3.25…The Good News:  you don’t pay for the return trip.  What better incentive do you need to take a nice drive over a bridge to purchase Canadian toffee.

Click to Buy Mackintosh Toffee Now!
Click to Buy Mackintosh Toffee Now!

What?  You live on the Left Coast AND you have no idea when you might visit Canada again?  Better yet – you want to add Mackintosh Toffee to your favorite recipe but can’t find the “real deal”.   Look no further – can provide you with the most cost effective solution to your problem.  Why order from us? ships from Buffalo, NY and uses Priority Mail from the U.S. Post Office to get what you need (that would be the Mack Toffee…) to where you need it (that would be your house – specifically your kitchen…) in a timely manner.  Usually, your order is delivered in 3 business days or less.  This is just another good example when “something less can be something more”.  Your Post Office carrier may even deliver your package on a Saturday – it doesn’t get any better than that!

You may have been surfing the Internet for the classic Mackintosh Toffee “slab style” – but that 56 gram flat bar is long gone.  Just let it go!

The “classic” slab style is long gone…

No more smacking your Mack – which might be a good thing if you just installed new kitchen counters.  However, those individually wrapped pieces are often much more convenient.  Take them out of the bag, chill them over night in the fridge, then unwrap and toss them into your food processor and Voila – toffee pieces become toffee chips.  Sprinkle them on almost anything hot or cold!  Life Is Good – but with Canadian toffee made by Nestle Canada– Life gets better.

Need to buy Mackintosh Toffee today?  Just click on the Buy Now image below and away you go!  God save the Queen!


Mackintosh Toffee – It’s What We Do

Click here to buy Nestle Mackintosh Toffee today

You will find a variety of recipes, tips and tricks, historical stats and facts and possibly some seasonal humor to boot.  We have been contacted many time by people who grew up enjoying creamy smooth Canadian Mackintosh Toffee.  Many stories have come our way regarding loose teeth, missing crowns and assorted dental horror stories.  Nothing wrong with losing a few loose teeth when you are between 5 and 15 years of age – but when you get to be our age…don’t ask…them you have to proceed cautiously.  Enjoying toffee pieces can be frustrating when you are afraid to bite into smooth creamy Canadian toffee pieces.  Every move has to be well thought out and carefully planned.  Nothing like going to bed after the evening news to discover that one of your favorite front teeth is missing.  That might not be a big problem if you work at home – but have you sat in a bus or subway car and tried to keep your choppers closed for almost an hour?  Not an easy thing to do!

Our location in Buffalo, NY is actually a strategic advantage.  We can easily cross any of the three International Bridges that connect New York State to Ontario, Canada.  Compared to the competition, we have direct access to numerous food and candy wholesale outlets that are open 6 days a week and ripe for the picking.  Hey – choice is good and whenever one outlet is “out-of-stock” – we just drive down the road to the next one.  It does not take long to fill our basket with bags (and boxes…) of Mack Toffee.  It’s almost as good as picking the low hanging fruit in the Garden of Eden (except we have to wear clothes…)

Our web site lets us connect with people who are looking for, are remembering or are cooking Holiday treats that require bags (or pieces…or ounces…or pounds…) of Nestle Mackintosh Toffee.  We have links to several web sites that sell and promptly deliver just what you need.  Need  one bag?  Not a problem!  Need a pound?  Not a problem!  Need one or more cases?  Definitely not a problem!

To paraphrase Robert Duvall from Apocalypse Now (1979):  “…I love the taste of Mack Toffee in the morning…”

He Loves The Taste of Toffee In The Morning