Mack Toffee Bars What Has Been Lost Is Found Again

Canada may be our Neighbor to the North – but it is also the Land Of Nestle Mackintosh Toffee.  Nestle Canada makes the best Canadian toffee!  No doubt about it.  Just a short ride across any of the three international bridges that connect Ontario,Canada to Western New York State.  The Bad News:  it will cost you a few bucks to cross – actually the current toll is now $3.25…The Good News:  you don’t pay for the return trip.  What better incentive do you need to take a nice drive over a bridge to purchase Canadian toffee.

Click to Buy Mackintosh Toffee Now!
Click to Buy Mackintosh Toffee Now!

What?  You live on the Left Coast AND you have no idea when you might visit Canada again?  Better yet – you want to add Mackintosh Toffee to your favorite recipe but can’t find the “real deal”.   Look no further – can provide you with the most cost effective solution to your problem.  Why order from us? ships from Buffalo, NY and uses Priority Mail from the U.S. Post Office to get what you need (that would be the Mack Toffee…) to where you need it (that would be your house – specifically your kitchen…) in a timely manner.  Usually, your order is delivered in 3 business days or less.  This is just another good example when “something less can be something more”.  Your Post Office carrier may even deliver your package on a Saturday – it doesn’t get any better than that!

You may have been surfing the Internet for the classic Mackintosh Toffee “slab style” – but that 56 gram flat bar is long gone.  Just let it go!

The “classic” slab style is long gone…

No more smacking your Mack – which might be a good thing if you just installed new kitchen counters.  However, those individually wrapped pieces are often much more convenient.  Take them out of the bag, chill them over night in the fridge, then unwrap and toss them into your food processor and Voila – toffee pieces become toffee chips.  Sprinkle them on almost anything hot or cold!  Life Is Good – but with Canadian toffee made by Nestle Canada– Life gets better.

Need to buy Mackintosh Toffee today?  Just click on the Buy Now image below and away you go!  God save the Queen!


70 thoughts on “Mack Toffee Bars What Has Been Lost Is Found Again”

    1. I’m in Vancouver and I got a 4 pack of the Mack toffee bars in a box at London Drugs this past weekend. They are in the Christmas chocolate aisle.

      1. Great News! It certainly sounds like Nestle Canada is trying to get the highest possible price for their classic “Tartan Plaid” packaging. However, there are other places that will be selling this item year-round at lower prices….hopefully! Based on a brief summary of the responses we have received – the Nestle Mack Toffee bar can now be found coast-to-coast across Canada. The “Big Box” stores should be getting their allocation of toffee bars very soon – maybe they are too busy selling Christmas toys to notice anything new in the candy aisle. Competition is good for toffee bar consumers everywhere…I feel sorry for those folks down in the USA…They don’t know what they are missing – so D-O-N-T tell them until we get our Canadian toffee stash built-up a bit more!

    1. Susan: You are correct! The “bar style” is LONG GONE! That is why we try and let people know that the Nestle Mack Toffee individually wrapped pieces is the only way to go…for now…It comes down to: …the pieces or nothing. My Choice? Definitely the pieces in the 170gram bag is better than nothing at all!

      1. the individual wrapped pieces are no where near as good. terrible that the bar is gone. why discontinue a great product. doesn’t make sense.

  1. The pieces just don’t compare. We used to buy the bars in quantity whenever we crossed the border into Canada. We’ve tried the bags of creamy carmel, but they will never be as good as a Mackintosh bar. I’m sure there is price resistance to the bar, but the creamy are just air.

    1. Stefan:

      You are right! The Old School “slab” format is ALWAYS the preferred option – but your argument to “price resistance” is only a theory since NO ONE has the slab or bar form for sale. I’ve looked long and hard and have only found the 170gram cello package with each piece wrapped. Which is a good thing! No more pocket fuzz on those toffee pieces you might find in your pants pocket a week later. Still tasty, but often with mysterious hitchhikers that never enhanced the taste buds!

  2. This product (bar) was loved by Canadians, Americans and people all over the world. Change is not always good.We have used the bar for our traditional Christmas baking for years and are disappointed in the chewy type small individually wrapped pieces. We want it back!!!

  3. I too am extremely disappointed that the slabs are not available. Two of my favorite Christmas baking recipes call for them. I will not be purchasing the small pieces since I have heard too much negative: they aren’t the same and to figure out the equal measurements to the slabs would just be annoying. I guess I will have to find some other kind of baking to do…

    1. I like to call this reply “Mack Math” because if you have an older recipe that calls for all (or a portion of the original bar…) then this information should prove useful. The original bar style was 56 grams. The new “cello” pack of individual pieces is 170 grams – approximately 21 pieces per bag. 3 x 56 = 168 grams which is almost the weight of the new 170 gram bag. Therefore, 7 pieces = one bar. You can take it from there! But P-L-E-A-S-E do not toss out your classic recipe for lack of a Mack bar. “7” pieces is your lucky number after all – Perhaps it’s time to reconsider the PowerBall option!

      1. I don’t think you listening to what everyone is saying … NOTHING works in our recipes like the old Mac Slab Bar. And we are not at all impressed with the new product.

        1. Well, there is a lot of media coverage of the 99 percent versus the Rest of The World. Maybe this also applies to the world of toffee bars. So far, the V-A-S-T majority of customers have responded in a positive way. The “original” Mack Bar may be gone – but I am certainly happy with the “new” bar. What can I say? I am just a Canadian “toffee hound”….

  4. Shame on you. You have turned the Macintosh Toffee Bar into “Macintosh” caramels.
    Toffee and caramels are NOT the same. Recipes made from the toffee bar will not compare to ones made from your caramels and have to be adjusted accordingly and still turn our differently. Please do not advertise your product to the US as “still being available” NOT ! And do your customers realize that the original Macintosh Toffee Bar ( a moment of reverence here for its demise) originated in England?

  5. The marshmallow Rice Krispie balls have been a family favourite for years. I am so glad to find out exactly how much Mack toffee there is in a bar of toffee.

    1. I have to agree that I do not care for the taste of the little bites.
      A friend of mine found them in a store and when we opened it up and each tasted the candy had a old taste/ tasted like the bag that they came in. I was very disappointed. I grew up loving the taste of the Toffee Slabs, but sadly this will be my last time to buy them unless the taste improves.

      Very Sadly,

  6. The information that was passed around at the time was that the factory that made the bars burned down or was sold or something that made it no longer available to Nestle. Subsequent to that, Nestle was unable to get the bars back into production at a reasonable cost to the company. Presumably, once all the tooling & etc was lost, it just wasn’t cost-effective to ramp up production elsewhere. I’m told that high quality toffee does require some effort and specialized equipment to make….

    As others have noted…the little pieces have no resemblance to the bars other than the name on the packaging…they were never made at the same place, not the same recipe, not the same mfg process.


  7. I have fond memories of walking from Lake Metigoshe (church camp) in ND to the International Peace Gardens on the US Canadian border just to get a case of the MacIntosh toffee bars. I remember the taste, and the little individual pieces don’t do it! Do the right thing and bring back the real thing!

  8. I agree with everyone else. Obviously the toffee bars are missed greatly and would be a huge selling venture for Nestle. Bring back the bar! Bring back the bar! Bring back the bar!……………………………………………

  9. I purchased a bag of Mack Toffee with a best before date of April 2013 and they were very stale, to the point of almost not eatable, tasting. After the initial excitement of seeing the toffees I was very disappointed.

    1. The current packaging used by Nestle Canada is called a “stand-up” cello bag because most retailers put this item on their shelf in a vertical position. The combination of an airtight package AND durable materials should give the Mackintosh Toffee inside the package a long (and happy…) shelf life. However, just like other products made on a modern production line, there may be times when the cello bag is either not completely sealed closed. Or perhaps, the product itself may have “suffered” during shipping and handling from the Nestle factory to the retail outlet.

      I would consider your experience to be outside of the “norm” – most of the bags are marked with a “best by…” date that allows for storage, distribution and time on the shelf. Unfortunately, you picked a bag that was a “problem child”. Don’t give up on the Mack Toffee. Plan “B” would be to find your favorite toffee cookie recipe to put that toffee to good use. Perhaps now is the time to start the rumor that the Mack Toffee in the classic bar form is about to make a come back during Summer 2013…

  10. As everyone else… It is almost a crime, grew up with those bars.

    Now a year ago I did stumble onto something… Sugar Daddy

    Yellow and red wrapper on a stick, and it is near identical to the original bar. Might seem sacrilegious but then so is not bringing the original back… Give it a try.

  11. I bought a bag of the Mackintosh toffee today and it’s not anything close to what I remember the “slab” bars being.

    Those had a creamy taste to them, whereas the bags of toffee seem dry, stale and have a gritty consistency to them. The taste is much different from what I remember.

    It’s too bad. I rarely buy candy of any sort and today my wife and I wanted a treat. We popped into the local London Drugs assuming they would have the slabs, so the bags and figured it would be a great way for portion control (I have no will power when it comes to sweets) but we were quite disappointed with the end result.

  12. Hi,
    I am extremely disappointed to find out that the bar is no longer available. Pregnant and craving it! I bought the pieces the other day and the taste texture is nothing like the original bar. I hope the company chooses to make the bar and at least go back to the original recipe. And if not I hope another company comes up with something very similar. BRING THE ORIGINAL SLAB BACK!!!

  13. Bring back the slab!

    I have bought the caramels once, and have never bought Mack since.
    Something is not always better than nothing.
    The slabs are the only way to go.

  14. Hey Mackman:…not sure if you have noticed a trend here on all these comments…no one is happy with the small individually wrapped pieces..everyone still wants and loves the original bar/slab…I have a feeling if you were to bring them back sales would be huge..I know my family would probably buy a crate full of the stuff if we had a chance..even if it was only seasonal that you could buy them (say a couple months before christmas)..There’s an old saying “the customer is always right”. Please listen to what your customers are saying!
    Thank you.

    1. Whoa…Please don’t shoot the messenger. We make every effort to keep an adequate supply of the Nestle Mackintosh Toffee pieces in the 170 gram bag. Many folks may not always prefer those individually wrapped pieces – but your Old School cookie recipes always taste just a little bit better with you add Mack Toffee “love” to them.

      You might have heard the rumors on the Internet that the Mack “slab” is on the way back – but we don’t know IF the arrival date is before OR after the Holiday season. We will continue to research this topic and add a new post (or two…) as the product release date approaches. And keep your oven mitts handy. It’s only a matter of time. With any luck at all, the sounds of happy Mack Slappers across the USA and Canada will be heard again!

  15. I used to eat the slab kind when I was a child. I’ve been upset for many years they have not had it! I mean why not? Just bring it back dangit!!!

  16. From Wikipedia: “More recently (circa 2008) the Canadian product is individually wrapped and manufactured in Switzerland by Nestlé, and licensed for sale in Canada by Nestlé Canada. Nestlé does not distribute the toffees in the US, but one may order it online for delivery or may find it in specialty candy shops.”

  17. I so wish the bars were still available. Just returned from a trip to Canada and looked everywhere for the toffee bars, our favorite candy when we go to B.C. Purchased the wrapped Mackintosh, but it is not the same. Sure hope you reconsider and bring the bar back. Why was it discontinued?

  18. The bars were amazing and these new candies are crap. I used to buy the bars by the box at wholesale clubs as they lasted forever and were amazing to cook with. I have since then only tried a single bag and threw them in the garbage as werthers are better.

    Stopping prodcution of the Mack bar is almost as bad as when I saw that orphan building burn down….almost.

  19. I just got back from a trip to Ottawa and Montreal; all the little sales clerks in every store were too young to remember Mac slabs, but each and every one told me they get requests all the time.

    So once again, I was checking on availability, since I don’t get to Canada that often anymore, living in Texas. I check here every few months, since I’ll buy the slabs on-line to get that toffee, but can’t stand the little bits Nestle tries to pass off. I loved pulling them out of the freezer and slapping, never could wait for it to thaw before getting thru most of a box!

  20. I was in a old house that was being renovated and broke down a wall and found an empty Mack toffee box there that would have had the slab bar in it. It is almost like new with a small tear on one corner . Says it was 5 cents on the box. I would love to know what year it wound be from I was not able to find anything on the Internet not a year on the box.
    I too miss the slab .

  21. Please allow this ex-pat Canadian (and everybody else, of course) to order the original “slab” toffee! I was so hoping that the magic Internet could bring me the toffee I grew up with. No other product has ever matched it.

  22. Yep, I was a Mack Slapper! I would slap that box of toffee down on the hockey rink rail when I went across the border twice a week for ice skating. Would savor those pieces all the day long. Soo good. Yes, bring back the real thing. Canadian quality, and all that! Of course, you, Mr. Mackman, are not Canadian, are you?

  23. I’m a Mac Slapper too!
    First experienced this very fine, sublime slab, more than 20 years ago in England. Thereafter, any friend going to either Canada or England, was tasked with bringing a few packs back for me. I would order on line, anytime. Please, please, please bring back the slab!

  24. Puleeeese bring back the mack slab. Let me know when is available again. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!
    I’m from Winnipeg, Manitoba and now live in BC.
    My mouth is watering, just thinking about your original toffee.

  25. The store I work at has boxes of this toffee in the BARS!!!! There are four slabs per box (180g total weight). I was so excited when I saw them, I bought six boxes (24 bars!!!). I hope they make them singly for sale like they used to have them, and that these aren’t just a Christmas thing.

  26. cé vraiment plate quand il faut que tu déballe 200 petit caramel pour faire une recette cé quoi le problème??? il y a évidement un marché pour la vrai bar 56g
    si vous prenez la peine de livre vos post vous verriez que vous n’avez rien a perdre

  27. Good news, everyone!!
    I was in the Rexall in Campbellford, ON and I found 4 SLABS in a box with all the candies put out for Christmas.
    I too, was VERY disappointed that nothing has come close to the taste or texture of the slab. I remember buying it with my allowance money…$0.25 per box!!
    It was $6.99 for the box, and each one was 45 grams…but I GLADLY paid the price! 🙂
    BRING BACK THE SLAB…permanently, please.

      1. Whoa! $10.99 is similar to getting a sharp stick in the eye – Just think of that price as an INVESTMENT in your Dentist…So what is the verdict on the texture and/or taste? I have yet to open mine until later this month with the family!!

    1. Actually, it IS back…in Canada that is…Some of our web site visitors are now picking this DEE-licious Nestle product up at the retail level in the last two weeks. Somebody reported that there is a seller on Amazon that had a few boxes listed. Just go to and enter “Mackintosh Toffee bar” into their search box and see what pops up. I would expect some product shortages until the Toffee Pipeline gets filled up a bit more in advance of the Holiday Season. Enjoy the new (and hopefully…) improved Mack Toffee.

  28. Thank You for bringing the Mackintosh bar back even if it is only for the Christmas season. I paid $5.97 for the pack of 4 bars and did not mind paying it.
    Bring on the Christmas baking using this fabulous bar.
    Thank You again


      1. Found a listing on Amazon for both the 4-pack and the 24 bar wholesale box size. Yes, the larger 24 bar order size is a bit more money – but when you look at the cost per bar including shipping, etc. – you just need to find a find a few good friends to help you out. Remember, during the Holidays it’s always better to give [Mack Toffee] than to receive…Chew on that thought for a while…

    1. You are right – eating (and enjoying…) the new Mack Toffee Bar will either require to adhere to BYODF (bring your own dental floss…) or BYOD (bring your own dentist…) In any case, that type of “jaw pain” is just what Santa ordered for the Holidays! Perhaps the medical community might have to add “Toffee Jaw” to the Physician’s Desk Reference handbook. I wonder what the prescription might be…

  29. Can I buy a box of the old style MacIntosh Toffee bars anywhere? I used to make a recipe called ” Goof Balls” at Christmas & they were the family favourite. Everyone is bugging me to make them again & I can’t find the toffee bars anywhere. Thanks CS

  30. I just ate the whole 45 it was good…didnt notice that it was 200 calories till it was done….off to the gym for an hour now anyways… Brought a few bars at the candy store in Richmond Hill, Ont….Yonge & Elgin Mills near the Winners $1.49/each.

    1. Great price on the individual bars. I don’t envy YOU working it off at the gym. On the other hand, it’s almost time to go skiing – so a few hundred ab crunches will do you good. The Ski Bunnies would approve!

  31. The soft toffee pieces are NOT the same as the old slab. The flavour and texture are different and I don’t care for it at all. My solution has been to make my own toffee bars at home, which are pretty close to the old Mackintosh slabs. It would be nice to have the real Macks back.

    1. Wow! Now that sounds like an Old School Mack Slapper to me. Maybe the mess in the kitchen is worth the work – but for me – it’s going to be the “new” Nestle Mack Toffee bar. The colour is more correct and the taste is definitely as close as you can get to what you enjoyed as a kid. That’s about as good as it is going to get for a long, long time. Try the new Mack bar, then stop back with your personal review. Should be interesting!

  32. found mack toffee at Dollarama, .69 ea for 45 gr bar.,they only get them at christmas ,also very large bars at save-on foods. also a special, saw them yesterday,nov 25,2013 in powell River BC

  33. Shoppers Drug Mart in Devon AB was selling the slab 4 in one big box, and the single slab for 1.49 each slab…Great same taste I remember as a Kid….

    1. Excellent price – especially IF you live in the National Capitol. Just a little something special to chew o n while you are skating on the city canals during the winter! Enjoy the jaw exercise and pass The Word – the “classic” Mack is Back in Town…again….

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