Your Nestle Mack Toffee Is Back – Almost…



And yet another customer testimonial from Campbellford, Ontario.   Perhaps the Rexall Stores have jumped ahead of the local Niagara Falls toffee market.  As the Doctor once told me – “”…just take two toffees and call me in the morning…”

My Doctor went to medical school so he probably knows what is good for me.  I am off to The Falls tomorrow morning to investigate further.  The package size [ 4 bars ] seems reasonable and the retail pricing [ somewhere around $7.00 is not too bad either.  Now the Big Question is:  Did Nestle make enough mackintosh toffee bars for the Holidays?  One can only hope!  Let me know of any other sightings in your area.

2 thoughts on “Your Nestle Mack Toffee Is Back – Almost…”

  1. So I found the 4-pack of Mack toffee in sobeys in Barrie, ON this evening.

    Extremely tasty!

    I will post a review with pictures tomorrow on my candy blog:

    1. I also was able to “score” at a Rexall Drug Store in Niagara Falls this week. Seems strange that a “single bar” is not yet available. Perhaps what we now see is just a Holiday Edition package with that fancy two-piece plastic shell and divider inside the flat rectangular box. Almost looks like a Christmas gift from Nestle Canada just for ME…In which case The Dude abides…Hurry back with a product review at your convenience…

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