Nestle Mackintosh Toffee Memories

Well, I just wanted to let Pat know that we received your comments. It seems that there is a hint of holding something back.  No, we are not part of the Nestle Canada confectionary empire and we certainly are NOT pushing the toffee pieces while hoarding the World’s remaining supply of the “classic” Mack Toffee bar.  We have no hidden agenda.  Pat – we just wanted to let you know that we have NOT walked into (or out of…) the International Peace Garden. Music camp must have been enjoyable, but the Mack Memories apparently were unforgettable. No that is why we do the things we do.  Making the World (or just North America…) just a little bit better.  Mack Toffee pieces are what is left of some great candy memories.

To quote Pat’s comments submitted on January 27, 2013: “…I have fond memories of walking from Lake Metigoshe (church camp) in ND to the International Peace Gardens on the US Canadian border just to get a case of the MacIntosh (sic) toffee bars. I remember the taste, and the little individual pieces don’t do it! Do the right thing and bring back the real thing…”  

Historical Site of Nestle Mackintosh Toffee Bars ??
Historical Site of Nestle Mackintosh Toffee Bars ??

Looking for the International Peace Garden? Well, if you plan on arriving between November and May – we suggest a warm sweater and a good pair of boots! Dunseith, North Dakota can be a little nippy that time of year.

The Good News:
The International Peace Garden was established in 1932 and was designed to symbolize friendship between the United States and Canada. The gardens are located on the 49th Parallel, between the ports of Dunseith, North Dakota and Boissevain, Manitoba.

Can This Be The Hidden Mack Treasure Map ??
Can This Be The Hidden Mack Treasure Map ??

Reflecting pools and dazzling colorful floral displays of over 150,000 flowers splash across the grounds of the Formal Gardens and terraced walkways. The park is open year round but experiences the highest traffic volume in the summer. In past years, the International Peace Garden has received approximately 150,000 visitors annually.

The Bad News:
U.S. citizens traveling south upon exit from the Peace Garden who satisfactorily establish to a CBP officer that they entered the Peace Garden from the U.S. are not required to present a WHTI-compliant document. However, all non-U.S. citizens departing south from the Peace Garden will be considered applicants for admission to the United States and will be required to present an approved travel document such as a valid passport, NEXUS/FAST card, Enhanced Driver’s License or a U.S. Permanent Resident Card.

The Old News:
The bar or slab style of the Nestle Mack Toffee has gone away. It won’t be back. Let it go! As my Grandmother once told me…Do you want 100 percent of nothing, or 90 percent of something good. Granny was right! Sign me up for the Nestle Mackintosh Toffee pieces – at least I have something to work with when I bake cookies during the Holidays. Life is good but Nestle Mack Toffee makes it even better…

Cooking With Granny !!
Cooking With Granny !!

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