Mackintosh Toffee – It’s What We Do

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You will find a variety of recipes, tips and tricks, historical stats and facts and possibly some seasonal humor to boot.  We have been contacted many time by people who grew up enjoying creamy smooth Canadian Mackintosh Toffee.  Many stories have come our way regarding loose teeth, missing crowns and assorted dental horror stories.  Nothing wrong with losing a few loose teeth when you are between 5 and 15 years of age – but when you get to be our age…don’t ask…them you have to proceed cautiously.  Enjoying toffee pieces can be frustrating when you are afraid to bite into smooth creamy Canadian toffee pieces.  Every move has to be well thought out and carefully planned.  Nothing like going to bed after the evening news to discover that one of your favorite front teeth is missing.  That might not be a big problem if you work at home – but have you sat in a bus or subway car and tried to keep your choppers closed for almost an hour?  Not an easy thing to do!

Our location in Buffalo, NY is actually a strategic advantage.  We can easily cross any of the three International Bridges that connect New York State to Ontario, Canada.  Compared to the competition, we have direct access to numerous food and candy wholesale outlets that are open 6 days a week and ripe for the picking.  Hey – choice is good and whenever one outlet is “out-of-stock” – we just drive down the road to the next one.  It does not take long to fill our basket with bags (and boxes…) of Mack Toffee.  It’s almost as good as picking the low hanging fruit in the Garden of Eden (except we have to wear clothes…)

Our web site lets us connect with people who are looking for, are remembering or are cooking Holiday treats that require bags (or pieces…or ounces…or pounds…) of Nestle Mackintosh Toffee.  We have links to several web sites that sell and promptly deliver just what you need.  Need  one bag?  Not a problem!  Need a pound?  Not a problem!  Need one or more cases?  Definitely not a problem!

To paraphrase Robert Duvall from Apocalypse Now (1979):  “…I love the taste of Mack Toffee in the morning…”

He Loves The Taste of Toffee In The Morning